About KGDN

KGDN Technologies Limited is an oil and gas service company with diverse experience in oil field, maritime, health and water treatment sectors, providing both local expertise and as may be required, liaising with technical partners who can add value, experience and technology to projects undertaken by KGDN both within andoutside Nigeria.

KGDN Technologies Limited is a?liated with a number of technical partners with decades of experience in engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, installation and commissioning.

Our mission is to pursue excellence by provision of products and services that meet world class standards of quality and reliability essential to our clients towards enhancement of overall quality service delivery objective in a cost e?ective, safe and environmentally compliant manner. 

To run our business with integrity and to provide an environment in which our sta? can develop their individual skill whilst maintaining the highest levels of cooperation and understanding with our valued customers, business partners and our host communities 

Our objective is focused on the needs of the client, the welfare of our employees and third parties while ensuring global safety standards in our operations.